Crash Course- Tropical Medicine

20 October, 2019


Now in its 11th year, the Kambia Appeal is again running its Crash Course in Tropical Medicine aimed at doctors, nurses/midwives who are considering working overseas in a tropical environment. The course is delivered by a combination of local and national experts in their field. All speakers have experience, often extensive, of working in developing countries, full details here:

HIFA Profile: Shona Lockyer is Chair of Trustees for The Kambia Appeal (, a UK NGO working to improve maternal and child health in the Kambia District of Sierra Leone. The Kambia Appeal is a member of the THET community of health links through its partnership with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are particularly interested in health information that is universally understandable, for organisations working in parts of the world with high levels of illiteracy.

Email: shona.lockyer AT