Disease Burden and Factors and Public Health responses - Epidemiological Modelling

6 September, 2019

Spectrum/Lives Saved Tool would be a good place to start. It is a mathematical modeling software that helps estimate lives saved and DALY among others, for national and sub national levels. The emphasis, however, is on determinants of maternal, newborn, infant and child lives saved and DALY in these groups.

You can find the downloads and manuals at https://www.livessavedtool.org/

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HIFA profile: Beulah Jayakumar is a medical doctor and Public Health Consultant based in New Delhi India. Beulah is a Diplomate of the National Board (Family Medicine). Professional interests include Maternal and child health and nutrition, TB, Malaria, Health systems strengthening and operations research. beulahjayakumar AT gmail.com