Emancipatory Research experiences (3)

23 July, 2019

We do that regularly with our patients as part of a medical elective supported nominally by the BMJ.

Here are some of the qualitative case studies published by our elective students with a particular focus on emancipation of these individual patients as well as similar patients in the community:






HIFA profile: Rakesh Biswas is Professor, Department of Medicine, at the IQ City Medical College and Hospital, Durgapur, India. He has worked in India, Nepal and Malaysia and his interests include Medical Cognition, Clinical problem solving and case based reasoning applied to patient centred health care and health education. Honorary appointments: Deputy Editor, BMJ Case Reports, UK –

http://casereports.bmj.com/site/about/ ;

Editor in Chief of the International Journal of User Driven Healthcare, in the USA.

www.igi-global.com/ijudh rakesh7biswas AT gmail.com