Feedback Needed: Maternal Health for Policy Makers

12 November, 2019

Hi HIFA members,

I am writing in my capacity as Clinical Faculty at Yale School of Midwifery. I also run Mother Health International which uses the midwifery model of care to drastically reduce perinatal mortality in the Global South. At Yale, we are in the process of creating a course designed for policymakers and administrators in diverse settings to enhance the establishment of an evidence-based midwifery model of care known to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes. It will help those who develop policy at all levels (from legislative to clinical settings) to attain knowledge and skills to create change within systems that will impact effective care delivery. As part of taking this course, the student will be linked with global policymakers and administrators on our collaborative platform to share information and strategies.

As we develop the course we are seeking feedback from stakeholders. Are there areas of content you feel policy makers need support and reinforcement in understanding and implementing?

We will be aligning the course SDG goal 3 with modules on values, philosophy, care providers, practice categories, and organization of care.

Any thoughts or feedback from this group would be much appreciated.

Rachel Zaslow, RM, PhD

Executive Director, Mother Health International

Clinical Faculty, Yale School of Midwifery

HIFA Profile: Rachel Zaslow is an Executive Director of Mother Health International in Uganda. Her professional interests are in maternal and child health, midwifery, traditional birth attendants, traditional midwives and birth centers.

Email: Rzaslow AT