Financial support for HIFA (2)

5 April, 2019

Dear Clare, Joseph and all,

Thank you for your messages asking about financial support for HIFA, Children for Health and other initiatives that focus on improving the availability and use of reliable healthcare information for better health.

HIFA's modest funding target for 2019 is £75k (approx $100k USD). This covers the operational costs for HIFA's six forums (with thanks to WHO and others for providing technical input especially for HIFA-French, HIFA-Portuguese and HIFA-Spanish), 19.5k members, 330 supporting organisations, 250 country representatives (CRs), 13 projects, including one full-time salary (NPW) and one part-time office manager/administrator. Special thanks to our volunteers (steering groups, project working groups, social media group, CRs, local volunteers...) whose collective input dwarfs that of our funded inputs.

To date, we have secured almost £40k of this £75k target. Our major funders for 2019 are: British Medical Association, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Elsevier, The George Institute for Global Health, Health Research Advisory Board (Pakistan), International Child Health Group, Joanna Briggs Institute, Nagasaki University, Network for Information and Digital Access, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, The Lancet, YourMD, International Society for Social Paediatrics and Child Health. You can follow progress and view the full list of organisational and personal funders here:

Two weeks ago we launched the HIFA Fundraising Appeal to draw attention to our need for more funding:

I look forward to hear HIFA members' thoughts on this issue, not only on the funding of HIFA but also on financial support for organisations such as Children for Health and healthcare information activities more widely.

Best wishes, Neil

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