Guía Salud Comunitaria Basada en Activos

13 November, 2019

Muchísimas gracias Mariano por compartir estos documentos. Son de gran interés y utilidad.



Perfil HIFA-es: Ivan Lopez Fernandez trabaja en la Evaluación del Impacto en Educación en Real LEDGE Honduras

Intereses profesionales: Public health researcher and physical education proffesional, with experience working in health reserach and community work across Europe and Latin America. Specialised in designing and conducting both

qualitative and quantitative studies, with strong analytical skills gained through working in healthcare. Multilingual (Spanish, English and French), with proven communication and interpersonal skills,acquired through working experience and teaching. Active and hard-working, can easily adapt to different social and cultural contexts having lived and worked in different countries.

Email: izanlopezfernandez AT