Guardian (UK): US attack on WHO 'hindering morphine drive in poor countries' (2)

20 September, 2019

I believe there is a need to proceed with caution. Staying objective on this. I am not aware there is a difficulty with penetration and access to the use of prescription opioids in LMIC, citing Nigeria as an example.

These are prescription only drugs and there are procedures guiding their use in situations such post-operative and chronic pain. The US has been

battling with protracted opioid crisis, a national emergency in recent years but has a support structure to handle this which is absent in LMIC.

The questions are

1. 'More than 18 million people a year worldwide die with “untreated, excruciating pain' what is the original source of the data? I ma not aware there is a surveillance system in place to monitor this, for example in Nigeria.

2. What is the intent of making morphine 'more' available in developing countries?

HIFA profile: Olufemi Ajumobi is Head of Surveillance and Data Management and Malaria Case Management Specialist at the National Malaria Programme in Nigeria. Professional interests: Health system strengthening, public health, epidemiology, malaria, infectious and non-infectious diseases outbreaks. femiajumobi AT