Health information: medical books versus internet

19 May, 2020

Dear friends, I did work in 8 countries of the 'poor word'. My local colleagues disregard medicine books but open internet whenever they need to consult.

In a remote area of Afghanistan you have access to internet: doctors there consult medical websites everyday.

Greetings from Ikonda(Njombe-Tanzania)


HIFA profile: Massimo Serventi is a long-standing Pediatrician working in Africa since 1982. He currently works on a volunteer basis in an excellent missionary/credited hospital in north Uganda, St. Mary's Hospital-Lacor-GULU. He has worked for several NGOs in 6 African/2 Asian countries. His interests include clinical and community pediatrics, adherence to clinical guidelines and school education as the major determinant of good health. massimoser20 AT