Health information repositories cannot impact patients. Why?

10 September, 2019

Repositories are designed to be storehouses of knowledge. They fulfill the objective of putting together reliable information - validated, evidence backed, and appropriately tagged with relevant keywords.

The reason these repositories cannot impact patients is that patients need information at times of need. And, in such situations, it is extremely difficult for a person to remember the names and locations of such repositories, navigate the sites, search using the right key words, and verify if the information aligns with the immediate requirements.

So, are the efforts that go to create these repositories meaningless? No, it is just that repositories are to be viewed only as warehouses of knowledge.

From the information present in such repositories, patient-relevant ones need to be channelized/directed/guided to patients at the moment they need and the best people to do this are the doctors that the patients consult. This is the key principle of Information Therapy. Such precision guidance is possible with the use of technology and our platform is one such example.

We have rolled out the platform for use in India and would to be happy make it available to doctors in other parts of the world.

Regards/ Rameshwar

HIFA profile: Rameshwar is Co-founder of Bamboo Wellness Solutions LLP in India. Professional interests: Health literacy, Information therapy, Healthcare professional - Patient engagement. Email address: rameshwar AT