Helping Children Live with HIV: New Resource Available for Pre-Order

18 January, 2019

Hayley Callaway USA

Hesperian Health Guides is proud to announce that our newest resource, *Helping

Children Live with HIV <>*, is available for

pre-order to be shipped in late February.

*Helping Children Live with HIV* <> offers a holistic

approach by building on the existing knowledge of parents and caregivers

and respecting the importance of other local resources. It integrates

health care, illness prevention, and psychosocial support for children and

families coping with poverty, food insecurity, emotional trauma, loss, as

well as stigma and discrimination.

This guide is intended for broad use by parents, family members, and health

workers in home settings and throughout community-based health programs.

Check it out:


Hayley Callaway

Hayley Callaway is a Communications and Outreach Associate at Hesperian Health Guides, United States. Email address: