HIFA Blog: Month in review, December 2019 - Virtual communities of practice: reducing CO2 emissions, fostering better communication

4 February, 2020

Dear HIFA Colleagues

I am delighted to share the December 2019 instalment of the HIFA Blog with you:


Is your journey really necessary?

The potential impact of climate change on humanity continues to make headlines across global media outlets. A recent paper in the Lancet highlighted frequent usage of air travel by delegates to international health conferences as a significant contributor to harmful CO2 emissions. During December 2019, HIFA members discussed the potential for ‘virtual’ communities of practice (including HIFA) to improve communication, collaboration and cooperation, whilst reducing environmental degradation.

With thanks to the following HIFA members whose contributions appear in this month’s blog: Najeeb al-Shorbaji, Former Director of the Knowledge, Ethics and Research Department, WHO, Geneva; Joseph Ana, Lead Consultant and Trainer at the Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety, Nigeria; Stewart Britten, advisor to HealthProm, on its project to reduce maternal and child deaths in Northern Afghanistan; Erica Frank, President of NextGenU, and Professor and Canada Research Chair in Preventive Medicine and Population Health at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine; Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA-Coordinator.

Metrics: In December 2019 HIFA (English) exchanged 136 messages from 59 contributors in 24 countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, France, Honduras, India, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe). Our top contributors were Joseph Ana, Nigeria (16) and Massimo Serventi, Tanzania (4). Thank you all for sharing your views and your experience.

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Thanks very much and I hope you enjoy this month's instalment!

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HIFA profile: Martin Carroll has worked on issues affecting health in LMICs for over fifteen years. Whilst at the British Medical Association, he led a major project, funded by DfID, to develop the organisation's role as a leading advocate for improving health in LMICs, which it continues to hold today. He has worked with HIFA since 2008 and is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and the following HIFA Working Groups: Fundraising, Multilingualism and Social Media. He is also the author of the monthly HIFA Blog. martinmichaelcarroll(at)iCloud(dot)com Twitter: @MMCarroll Website: martinmcarroll(dot)com