HRH2030 - Enhanced Supervision Landscape Analysis Report

1 July, 2019

Dear HIFA hive,

I’m happy to share a new resource focusing on health worker supervision: the HRH2030 Enhanced Supervision Approaches: Landscape Analysis Report

Effective health worker supervision approaches and practices are essential elements that help compensate for shortfalls in HRH training, management, and efforts to improve quality of health services. Defined as “a broad set of supervisory interventions that improve provider performance through team-based learning approaches, including supportive supervision, the use of checklists, and in-person visits,” enhanced supervision is estimated to have the highest potential impact of all health systems interventions (USAID, 2017). But which strategies are most effective? Can strategies be adapted for different settings; monitored; improved?

HRH2030’s enhanced supervision landscape analysis report classifies and summarizes the most impactful enhancements for health workforce supervision and what direct effects enhanced supervision has been documented to have on maternal, newborn, and child health; HIV; family planning and reproductive health; and/or other service delivery outputs, or health outcomes.

Please feel free to circulate widely. I look forward to your feedback.

Many thanks,


Rachel Deussom

Technical Director

HRH2030: Human Resources for Health in 2030


Skype: rachel.deussom

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