Introducing Reporta Health Mobile App: Checking registered and unregistered health facilities in Nigeria

7 October, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to introduce to those in Nigeria, the Reporta Health Mobile App.

Reporta Health is a crowdsourcing mobile app which is available for download in Google Playstore. The app builds on the national list of health facilities to help the general public to identify unregistered health facilities and avoid quacks. It advocates that the general public use the app to report such unlisted facilities and geotag them. The information provided will then be passed on to the government for a regulatory visit. It also offers an opportunity to report poor quality service in health facilities and rate health facilities. Besides reporting, the app permits easy identification of health facilities that are around the user and for navigating to the health facility as well. It also offers information on the services that are within a location. Our vision is to use the app to drive quality healthcare with technology.

You can learn more about the app from our website

We also welcome feedback on how to improve on the app.

Many thanks.

Dr Olusesan A. Makinde

Epidemiology/ Health Informatics Specialist

HIFA profile: Olusesan Makinde is an Epidemiology/ Health Informatics specialist with several years of experience in Clinical and Public Health Practice in Nigeria and the US. He is a Physician with graduate training in Epidemiology and Health Informatics from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and the Johns Hopkins University, USA.