Introduction: Gashema Pierre, Rwanda - Medical laboratory sciences and public health

27 April, 2019


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GASHEMA short information

“When I was a student I realized that students can contribute more to help our community while studying and help address our community’s health need. Since then, I have evolved to be passionate about community engagement, professional advocacy as well as mentoring younger professional in their career development in Africa through African Union of Medical Laboratory Student AUMLS”.

I am a young professional in medical laboratory sciences and public health. I am currently registered as biomedical laboratory scientists with the Rwanda Allied Health Professional Council. With a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Lab Science from University of Rwanda, I had my debut in research with a dissertation titled Sero prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in HIV infected individuals in tertiary care hospital in Rwanda. After completion of my bachelor’s degree, I joined Rwanda Biomedical Center, division of National Reference Laboratory for professional internship. The internship afforded me enough exposure particularly in HIV related services. My second research experience came with a research assistant for a project titled Assessment of knowledge, attitude and perception towards HIV self-testing Among younger men in Rwanda.

Earlier in 2016, I joined the African union of medical laboratory students (AUMLS which currently has over 1000 Laboratory students and recent graduates across the Africa. Due to my professional ethics dedication, in 2018, I was appointed as vice president for a four years term until 2022 and after one year in 2019 , General assembly appointed me as President of this organization. My vision is to become a leader in shaping health policies and strengthening health systems including medical laboratory professionals in Africa. I played a leading role in establishing Association of Rwanda Medical Laboratory Students (ARMELS) which initiated so far, different projects to support the ongoing skills and knowledge required to produce a competency Laboratory professionals. After realizing the vital contributions of health care students and professional in our community setting particularly in area of hard to reach, along with collaborators, we came up with an idea of introducing Medical Professional Lab Week as community outreach engagement models. So far this community models have been approved as University of Rwanda program and I currently serve as chairperson and coordinator of that program at University of Rwanda. The mandate of the program is link the University students with community and professional through community outreach activities and also the program serves as single platform to bridge the gap between Students, professional and community. Thus the program seeks to develop the younger generation who will meet with the current needs of the community and bring positive changes in our communities.

HIFA profile: Gashema Pierre is a Lab Technicien at the University of Rwanda. Email: gashemapierre AT