Introduction: Rameshwar, India - Patient education and information

5 July, 2019

Hi Dr. Neil,

Thanks for your warm welcome mail. It is my pleasure to be part of the forum.

I run a Health-Tech startup in India that works to deliver quality patient education over a digital platform. We believe that reliable and relevant information and guidance go a long way in positively impacting healthcare outcomes. We also believe that the people best positioned to do this are the doctors that the patients consult. Hence, we equip doctors to educate, guide, and involve patients all through the patient-care journey. We make the process simple and convenient and consider ourselves facilitators. It has been an interesting personal journey and I hope to share my learnings and observations to the forum, while also absorbing the experience and wisdom of others. To know more about what we do, please visit My personal linked in profile is available at

Regards/ Rameshwar

HIFA profile: Rameshwar is Co-founder of Bamboo Wellness Solutions LLP in India. Professional interests: Health literacy, Information therapy, Healthcare professional - Patient engagement. Email address: rameshwar AT