Key Asks from the UHC Movement UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (3)

4 April, 2019

Dear Neil and thanks to Isabelle too re: The six Key Asks from the UHC Movement UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage.

I believe that HIFA is a successful 'multi stakeholder mechanism' which is already answering- ASK6 (Establish multi-stakeholder mechanisms for engaging the whole of society for a healthier world. All countries must take active steps to meaningfully engage non-governmental actors- particularly from unserved, underserved or poorly-served populations- in shaping the UHC agenda. Solutions for each country must be tailored to context and population needs. The international community and global health partners should unite to support countries to build a healthier world.)

What is an going frustrating is where to get funding to keep HIFA and CHIFA going and to keep Children for Health going and keep the many others going who ARE already answering this ask!

It is so hard and getting harder to keep going.

Do members here know of Foundations, Trusts or others who may be prepared to fund 'health information for all' roles. Might one of the big grant giving bodies consider funding the job we already do to answer the ask? Do members have ideas about ways we can make our lives a little easier in this respect?

Best Wishes

Clare Hanbury

HIFA Profile: Clare Hanbury qualified as a teacher in the UK and began her career teaching 6-13 year old children in schools in Kenya and Hong Kong. For many years, Clare worked for The Child-to-Child Trust based at the University of London's Institute of Education where, alongside Hugh Hawes and Professor David Morley she worked to help embed the Child-to-Child ideas of children's participation in health into government and non-government child health and education programmes in numerous countries. Clare has continued to work to promote these ideas as a freelance adviser and trainer. She has worked in East and Southern Africa, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Yemen. In 2013, Clare founded Children for Health, a British Registered Charity that provides accurate engaging health information for those working or living with children and inspiring them to use fun methods to mobilise children as health activists in their families and communities. Clare is a member of the HIFA Working Group on Information for Citizens, Parents and Children.

Email: clare.hanbury AT