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LMICs Databases (3)

12 July, 2019

Cynthia- to add to Michael's comments, I'd add the Cochrane EPOC Group's list of LMIC databases- https://epoc.cochrane.org/lmic-databases- some of the links are dead, but in particular I would point to WHO's Global Health Library which compensates for most databases' Western bias by indexing the WHO Regions' biomedical journals, so covering African, Latin American, Asian etc journals. Most of these LMIC-published journals are not indexed in the conventional databases.

An Africa-specific database which is good is Africa-Wide, but this is a subscription database. Sadly, as we have heard, Popline from Johns Hopkins will end in September. This unquestionably is one of the most important databases for sexual and reproductive health with a strong focus on LMICs and grey lit.

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