Looking for taxonomies of disaster/emergency terminology (2)

5 August, 2019

MEDLINE's indexing taxonomy, MeSH, has a head term disasters with several levels and multiple terms below it

Depending on the specificity of what you need, this might be a useful place to start.

In case you don't know how to get there:

Go to PubMed.gov

In the search box, type. disasters

But before pressing the SEARCH button, use the pull down menu to the left of the search box to choose MeSH

Clicking on the terms will bring up definitions, year the terms was added, previous terms if they exist, etc.

It's not perfect. '˜Tidal waves' is under Disasters. '˜Tsunamis' is in a different part of the taxonomy entirely, so do use creativity in looking for related terms and how the taxonomy is constructed. I'm glad to explain more if I can be of help.


Pamela C. Sieving

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