New Humanitarian: We can’t stop Congo’s Ebola outbreak until communities lead the response (3)

4 August, 2019

Dear all,

We believe that it is time for us to raise voices in our platform. By considering the wheel of public health intervention management system in emergency that includes ten steps: 1. Monitor health, 2. Diagnose and investigate, 3. Inform, educate and empower, 4. Mobilize community partnership, 5. Develop policy, 6. Enforce law, 7. Link to provider care, 8. Assure competent workforce, 9. Evaluate and 10. Research, internal Congolese involvement stays a challenge.

We believe that the first responsibility is attributable to public sector that need to do its best to rebuild the trust between policy and local population, and secondly in creating conditions of involvement of local community to fight besides humanitarian to end DRC EVD outbreak.

Today, it is interesting for stakeholders to create an environment that enables the components 4, 5 and 6 of Health system management. Here, it easy to understand why things were well conducting in Sierra Leonne; public sector and local community played a main role in fighting against EVD West Africa outbreak.

Another side, we fear that the in country weak health system loses international support either by time consuming of current outbreak, it is also possible to hear about a new outbreak because this disease otherwise is explained a social fact subsequent to poverty, it is reported permanent in the DRC where majority of population retrieve food from natural resources.

Andre Shongo Diamba

HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a medical doctor, currently in GLOBAL HEALTH SYSTEM AND DEVELOPMENT training, a master in public health program at Tulane University, school of health and tropical medicine, New Orleans, USA. Previously, Andre worked as coordinator at PISRF- Programme Integrale de sante reproduction et familial (Integrated program of reproductive health and Family), a DRC participative NGO of family planning and reproductive health who provide awareness and care in favor of women and children of low social area , and toward this group to whole community. PISRF undertake sociological, public health and biomedical research in the matter, it encourage the humanitarian and research project and open his availability to all. Andre has a tremendous experience in providing community reproductive health projects such information, communication education; provide care and leading the research. He has participated at many international conferences in the field of reproductive health and population, health, environment. Andre is interesting to provide the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in the DRC and very engaging, He pleads for public private partnership and the improving of use of mobile phone as a network able to raise the awareness of reproductive health and support the country commitment to do progress in this matter. He received the HIFA2015 Country Representatives certificate of achievement at 2013, and is writing two books as help memory to facilitate the one- to- one members contact.

He is a HIFA Country Representaative for DR Congo.

Email: shongodiamba AT