New study appeals to be more open-minded contribution to better understanding for improved health/health promotion

18 June, 2020

Dear HIFA health advocates!

According to the wealth of evidence-based literature considering the health effects resulting from plant-based diets, and in the light of COVID-19 with several leading experts in this field making the connection between the current pandemic/future pandemics and meat consumption/production (as it is evident from scientific literature for decades but rather ignored than taken into account for tapping the full potential for health promotion and prevention of diseases, and global pandemics):

Dr. Gauden Galea, WHO Representative, CNN Transcript (20. 1. 2020: „As long as people eat meat, there is going to be some risk of infection.“

Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Virologist, Charité Berlin (Stern-Interview: 21. 3. 2020; Spiegel online Archiv: 28. 3. 2020): "... meat consumption increases the pandemic risk.“

Prof. Dr. Oliver Razum, Head of Unit „Epidemiologie und Int. Public Health“, University of Bielefeld (Neue Westfälische Zeitung: 25. 3. 2020): „In order to reduce the likelihood of future epidemics, ... one important consequence for the time after the current epidemic is there fore to dramatically reduce meat production and consumption.“

... a new study published in May 2020 on the dual approach to sustainable and lifelong health as minimal recommendation

conclusively appeals to be more open-minded when one, but especially active people and athletes, intend to test or even or desire switch to a healthy (whole food) plant-based diet:

Open access and free download:

WHO-Sources for the linkeage of the major lifestyle factors that are well-accepted to shape health, stop and reverse several disease: PA, sports & exercise permanently tied up to healthy diet

WHO with Food and nutrition tips during self-quarantine provided online (25. May 2020): WHO recommends 6 of 9 „Best food buys“ from plants

WHO with PA, Sports & Exercise tips during self-quarantine provided online (25. May 2020): WHO recommends to “Stay physically active during self-quarantine”

Stay healthy and active,

Best Katharina

HIFA profile: Katharina Wirnitzer works at the Department of Subject Didactics and Educational Research and Development, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol, Austria. katharina.wirnitzer AT