New York Times: In a Poor Kenyan Community, Cheap Antibiotics Fuel Deadly Drug-Resistant Infections (6) Public education for environmental health

12 April, 2019

Immunisation against vaccine preventable diseases is essential for wiping out / controlling the effects of such diseases. No question!

But do I belong to only a small group that also feel that not enough emphasis is being placed on public education and action against unsanitary and dirty environment?. Whilst we rightly may be seeking a vaccine to wipe out Lassa Fever, would it not be better and cheaper to eradicate or at least reduce the colonies of rats that serve as the vector?. The same goes for mosquitoes and malaria eradication efforts, and faeco-oral infections like Polio and Cholera, Typhoid, etc etc.

Media programme after programme and social media are full of messages on search for vaccines, but not enough action is taken to clean up towns, cities, rural communities. Not enough action to clean up markets, schools, even hospitals and other public places in LMICs.

Human habitations in LMICs remain filthy and breeding grounds for all types of vectors that sustain the morbidity and mortality from communicable diseases. Its time to Clean Up! whilst promoting immunisation and searching for new vaccines.

Joseph Ana.


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