Open Access (1) What is Open Access?

22 July, 2019

Dear HIFA-Zambia colleagues,

Our sister forum HIFA is starting a new 4-week thematic discussion today:


This week we shall explore the following questions:

What is open access? What is the difference between open access and free access? What are the different types of open access?

The main discussion is on HIFA and you can join here:

We welcome discussion also here on HIFA-Zambia.

Please forward this message to your contacts and invite them to join us via our landing page here:

We are grateful to The Lancet and Elsevier for providing sponsorship for this thematic discussion.

Special thanks to HIFA intern Catriona Grant who has helped with the preparation, including a comprehensive background paper which is available here:

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Access to Health Research

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