Pocket Library for healthcare professionals and scholars in Ebola-affected areas (2)

15 September, 2019

Dear Cliff and HIFA Members,

We are pleased to have a gift really a gift from WiderNet, and we at Public Health Organization (PHOrg), a Congolese NGO of health system strengthening, are committed to distribute this wealth information to people in the EVD current frontlines in the East of our country. This big contribution to health information system strengthening innovation that not requires internet connection.

As information are easily copied to flash drives, smartphones, and hard drives, PHOrg, a countrywide NGO is eligible to spread these information strongly in current frontline among health professional and community members living in North, south Kivu and Ituri provinces backbone of EVD epidemic. Benefiting of opportunity offered, our provincial focal provinces point in five provinces breakdown from big Equator former provinces (Equator, Haut Ubangi, Sud Ubangi, Tshuapa and Mongala) will secondly share these information. Thirdly, other provincial focal points will distribute in remaining in-country provinces).

PHOrg will distribute firstly among health professional and students and involve them to large distribution and sharing.

Andre Shongo Diamba

Director – PHOrg


+243 818200648

WattsApp + 243894672187

Sype : andre sshongp

HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a Medical Doctor, holder of MPH-International Health from Tulane University (USA), Founder and Director at PHOrg – Public Health Organization. He is a HIFA Country Representative. http://www.hifa.org/support/members/andre

Email: shongodiamba AT gmail.com