Primary Care International: latest news and updates

5 February, 2019

Our latest newsletter is out now – with updates on our projects working to strengthen primary health care. From addressing NCDs in humanitarian contexts in Syria, to an update on our project with LifeNet International in Uganda: developing a whole system of NCD care to provide the framework for community-based patient support. We also have feedback on our project with the Ministry of Health in Botswana, delivering cascade training (as featured in the latest WHO bulletin). As PCI grows we also have exciting news on opportunities to join the PCI freelance clinical team (nurses/family medicine doctors/health systems advisors).

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Jane Lennon

Communications Manager

Primary Care International

Skype: jane.lennon87

HIFA profile: Jane Lennon is Communications Manager at Primary Care international (PCI): a primary care organisation which works collaboratively to train primary healthcare staff through evidence based guidelines, and to support and strengthen complete health systems. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Almaty 2.0.

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