Reuters: Gunmen in Pakistan kill policeman guarding polio eradication team

25 April, 2019

It is tragic that these murders continue, driven by senseless misinformation and false beliefs. Extracts below. Full text here:


PESHAWAR, Pakistan, April 24 (Reuters) - Gunmen in Pakistan shot and killed a police officer guarding a polio immunization team on Wednesday, the latest attack on efforts to protect children from the crippling and sometimes deadly disease.

Polio workers are often targets in Pakistan where hardline clerics and Islamist militants have claimed the government's polio eradication campaign is a foreign ploy to sterilize Muslim children or a cover for Western spies...

A dozen people were arrested in northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province this week, accused of organising a campaign against polio vaccination and setting fire to public health facilities in the provincial capital Peshawar, the health minister said.

Hisham Inamullah Khan blamed "fake and malicious propaganda" for 44,000 children taken to provincial hospitals by parents fearing they had received bad polio vaccine, which he said "obviously was not true"...


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