Social autopsies (5) Pre-hospital and in-hospital care

7 October, 2019

Thanks to Neil for the short but critical post [ as it will go a long way to reduce if not eradicate avoidable mortalities. In Ghana there's an increasing trend of complaints about many deaths at the facility level allegedly caused by poor caregiving. Authorities have rebutted this saying the community is to blame since the phenomenon is often caused by delays (at the community or family level). Whoever the culprit is, there's growing evidence that social factors as opposed to medical is contributing hugely to mortalities. Unfortunately, this unfortunate phenomenon is taking place due to lack of empirical data which could trigger a structured action or remedy.

By M. Aberinga, Director of Programs and Research

HIFA profile: Milton Aberinga works with Development Research and Advocacy Center (DRAC), a non governmental organization registered in Ghana, west Africa. It dedicates its services to fighting issues of poor governance, marginalization etc through evidence based research. We work with other CSOs. CBOs, local governments and citizens etc in pursuance of our mission. dracbolga AT