Support for prosthetic and orthotic services for the poor

1 June, 2019

I have just joined HIFA-Zambia as the founder and CEO of 500 miles.

500 miles is a small Scottish registered charity. We are willing to sponsor the cost of “low cost” prostheses and orthoses for those who can’t afford to buy their own if they are supplied by the Prosthetic & Orthotic Department at The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka (“UTH”).

Unfortunately we can’t pay for travel and accommodation but if people can get to UTH and ask for 500 miles’ sponsorship, a simple application form will be sent to me for approval. People applying for support will be asked if they can contribute but if they can’t afford to pay anything, we will cover the full cost. You can also email me at to let me know you or someone you know are/is planning to go to UTH and I will let UTH know.

The orthopaedic department of any hospital should be able to assess if someone would benefit from a prosthetic or orthotic device and/or if someone is ready for fitting - to save wasted trips to Lusaka.

500 miles also supports a small, free, prosthetic and orthotic service at St Francis Hospital in Katete in Eastern Province. There we can prescribe, make and fit simple orthoses and carry out repairs - and we can also carry out assessments and make referrals to UTH (but again no travel or accommodation costs).

Kind regards

Olivia Giles

500 miles

HIFA-Zambia profile: Olivia Giles is CEO of 500 miles, United Kingdom. Professional interests: Prosthetics and orthotics - supporting the development and delivery of a service for the poor in Zambia

Email address: olivia.giles AT