Three Lessons We Can Learn from 40+ Years of Community Health Worker Programs (6) Vula Mobile (2)

12 July, 2018

Dear Dr. Will Mapham,

Thank you very much for your post in HIFA, in regard to my comment on health services system based on PHC. It seems to me that the reduction of over 30% of referral cases is a sign of EMPOWERMENT of the periphery level staff because of feedback from higher levels of health services system. It was an important achievement which I should congratulate you and your colleagues. But if I may, the most important part of the remaining challenge of your health services system hand in hand with the other development sectors is the EMPOWERMENT OF the COMMUNITY. This is the main key for achievement of HFA, UHC and SDG. Needless to say that in this important exercise CHWs could play the entry point role, hand in hand with the representative of the different sectors like teachers& students, agriculture extension workers, etc... under the leadership of Community Formal leader& real leaders.

At the end I would like to congratulate you and your team members, once again for the development of such a coherent health care delivery system and wish you all success. One topic that I need to learn more is Vula Mobile System, which I will appreciate if you could provide me some documents.

Respectfully Dr. M. A. Barzegar.

HIFA profile: Mohammad Ali Barzegar is an initiator of Primary Health Care in Iran since 1971, and Representative of People's Health Movement (PHM) Iran. His interest include 45 years of national & international experiences on PHC, Sustainable Development and Public Health. barzgar89 AT