Using the theoretical domains framework to explore reasons for missed opportunities for vaccination (2)

12 January, 2020

Dear Abdu Adamu,

Thank you so much for sharing your research. It is actually quite rare that we have researchers publicising their latest research, and I welcome this +++ because it provides an opportunity for CHIFA members to engage directly with the researcher. There is the potential for a CHIFA discussion about the research, including the lead author of that research.

I would love to hear from you a bit more about this paper and the implications for vaccination and global child health.

Part of the reason I as is that the paper is restricted-access, so I am unable to obtain the full text. Do you have a full-text version that you can share with CHIFA members? I have checked the policy of the journal in which you have published (Expert Review of Vaccines) and this explicitly allows you to make the post-print version of the full-text paper freely available to all. Policies of the vast majority of journals can be easily accessed here: (A huge proportion of the world's 'locked' medical literature could be released and made available to all if authors took advantage of this freedom.)

All best wishes, Neil

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