Walk the Talk 2020- 3rd edition of the Health for All Challenge

17 May, 2020

Dear All,

The third edition of "Walk the Talk" today and tomorrow will be done virtually. I am pleased to invite you to an initiative that will take place between 12:00 and 13:45 CET tomorrow, May 17 and invites us to a meditation/reflection following this global crisis of COVID-19. Everyone's experience and voice counts. You can express yourself through your story or through artistic media.

I already thank all those who have contributed in a spirit of co-creation with passion, joy and commitment, our partners and artists who are working for health for all wherever they are.

What I Will Change

Tell the world what I will do differently

What good did the last months bring you?

You don’t have to take on the whole world to make a difference. Pick one habit something small—that made a difference for you. Maybe you’ve spent more time with your family, smelling the trees in the park. Maybe you’ve taken up jogging. Quit coffee. Realised how different life could be. Or just enjoyed the quiet.


To participate, please go to the link below



All my best to all of you.

Isabelle Wachsmuth

World Health Organization

Universal Health Coverage and Health System

20 Avenue Appia. 1211 Geneva


Email: hugueti@who.int

HIFA Profile: Isabelle Wachsmuth-Huguet, MSc, MPH has been working for World Health Organization (WHO) since 2003 and has 20 years of expertise on international network promoting and implementing knowledge management solutions in both high and low income countries. She is currently Project manager, Health Systems and Innovation Cluster, Service Delivery & Safety (SDS), Emerging Issues, Quality Universal Health Coverage (QUHC), at WHO Geneva. She is also the coordinator and lead moderator of the WHO Global Francophone Forum - Health Information For All (HIFA-Fr: http://www.hifa.org/forums/hifa-french).

She is a member of the HIFA working group on Multilingualism.



hugueti AT who.inthugueti AT who.int