What can Herbal or Traditional medicine treat? (2)

6 July, 2019

Owolabi wrote well and I thank him very much for his posting and for declaring at the start that he would concentrate on discussing herbal treatment. But you said a number of things that are contentious and could mislead some readers of your posting about the practice of herbal treatment in Nigeria. There is no doubt that herbalists pre-date the arrival of modern medicine in Nigeria and that many drugs / medicines used in modern medicine have their origin in herbs and plants, etc. But it is also true

that the major difference form modern and herbal treatment is the fact that modern medicines are refined, pure, extensively trialed and subjected to safety investigations to determine dosages, side effects and benefits, and even after license for use in human population the post release monitoring continues. That is why medicines can be recalled and removed from the

pharmacopiaea if the adverse effects ever overtakes the benefits.

You said, that "Medical herbalists are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors but take a more holistic approach to illness ------'. Where is the evidence for this statement? It will be nice to share the source and to show that there is a structured, evidence informed, either summative or formative curriculum of training. And it will be nice to share the standardised methodology for selection, certification, continuing practice development, monitoring and regulatory regime for

herbalists. The terminology ‘medical herbalists’ seems confusing too. Are there non medical herbalists? What is the difference between the two groups?. It would be nice to say more about that terminology, ‘medical herbalists’.

But I am concerned, and I believe many members would be too, by your other statement that borders on the metaphysical and even superstition. You wrote, that 'What really works in herbs are in the originality of it being natural. Psalm 104 vs 14 - And HERBS for the services of man. Nature has granted all our body required for its services and for better functioning, for the correction of every malfunctioning and management of it. The secret of the elements that works is limited to the scientific analysis. The mysteryr is in the WORD spoken by the nature that created them. The WORD will never end, it is eternity, and that is God. Science may believe in what they see and can analyse but still what is essential is invisible to the eye. Thunder don't just strike, a force controls it, forces scientific can not see'...

I believe, and I would like to be corrected if I am wrong, that HIFA aims to disseminate health information that is evidence based, verifiable, factual and scientific, and not otherwise.

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