Why dignified menstruation matters (5)

16 June, 2020

Yes we need to urgently address this cultural taboo across many nations.

Having open dialogue and a free forum to discuss and learn what we should speak to our youth about is desperately needed.

To help girls stay in school is one major issue but more importantly is helping them know their personal value and self worth. Parents and Aunties and Uncles are the first ones that should be informed about the advantages of telling youth about menstruation. Most of whom were not informed themselves.

So addressing the ignorance and helping reach the masses with excellent health information is key to a brighter world for the youth.

Wise Choices for Life operates in Uganda and has a successful education program reaching schools, churches and villages with the truth about menstruation.

Marg Docking

Executive Director

Wise Choices for Life

The vision of Wise choices for Life is to see thriving communities where every child is born into a caring, healthy and loving family

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HIFA profile: Marg Docking is founder and director of Wise Choices for Life, which empowers vulnerable men and women in the child bearing age group in Uganda with reproductive health knowledge and skills to break the poverty cycle. marg AT wisechoicesforlife.org