Womens health: A top priority

13 April, 2019

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Here is my World Health Day special Editorial/ story: Women’s health: A top priority.

...Women's health situation is like: Physical pains, where to get proper medication? While a woman gives birth to a girl child, all complains go against that mother; tortured, divorced even killed for giving birth of a girl child. But it is very difficult to establish the scientific truth that the mothers are not responsible for giving birth of girl child, rather the father. In addition, acid assaults, rape and sexual violence, dowry death, custodial violence, murder and suicide, community violence is common due to negative and inferior attitude and mindset of men towards women. Naripokkho mentioned in its report that the social fact that men consider wife beating as their natural rights!...

Link to view full article: https://www.observerbd.com/details.php?id=192150

By PARVEZ BABUL, The Daily Observer, April 07, 2019.

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HIFA profile: Parvez Babul is a health journalist in Bangladesh and write articles on health, nutrition, gender, women's empowerment, climate change and development issues in national international newspapers. His book: Women's Empowerment, Food Security and Climate Change has been published in February this year. He is the Convener of Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum. He has been working to improve health and nutrition situation of the women and children in Bangladesh through working with an international voluntary organization. Parvez Babul welcomes email from the members of HIFA at: parvezbabulATyahoo.com, parvezbabulATgmail.com