World AIDS Day (4) WHO: Innovative WHO HIV testing recommendations aim to expand treatment coverage (2)

29 November, 2019

Dear Neil,

the real question is why it must take WHO five years to put [self testing] into policy to expand treatment coverage. And therefore countries (where it counts) dragging their feet (.....from experience).

For comparison a stronger message would have add the 90/90/90 numbers as of 2014 when UNAIDS published its short tech brief on self testing, in other words for WHO to be transparent and show the lost achievements since then.

with kind regards

Pascal Verhoeven

MSc.Pharm, MPH

Laos +856-2058563993

HIFA profile: Pascal Verhoeven is a Dutch pharmacist currently doing a Master Public Health study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has work experience in Africa, India and China. Since 2007 he has participated in missions for NGO's, consultancy companies and UN procurement organizations in countries like Bangladesh (GMP), India (GMP/procurement), Suriname (QA/Reg), Afghanistan (PSM) and for WPRO in Papua New Guinea (QA/PSM). He is a "public health pharmacist" and independant consultant, with an interest to improve health outcomes where possible using humane, equitable and sustainable though innovative solutions. He is the founder of VPHC (Medicines sans Pharmaciens), whose mission is complementary to existing regulatory standards and guidance, to improve quality systems and where these are under-resourced or not fully developed, to assist implementation of Quality Assurance principles and build local capacity in GMP manufacture, (inter)national procurement, registration, supply, distribution and rational use of essential medicines. verhoeven.pascal AT