World Mental Health Day- Mental health of young doctors

9 October, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

In reference to the world mental health awareness day, it's a great chance to focus on increased rates of suicidal attempts among the medical health team, and specifically young doctors.

Thankfully, the WHO has enlisted burnout syndrome in the ICD 11 but still global awareness on such health issue is still low particularly in low and middle income countries where economic and social issues mask the drastic effect of mental conditions affecting medical doctors (not to mention those working in conflict-hit regions).

I think it's a good opportunity to raise awareness about the psychological hazards medical doctors and the rest of the health team, especially young generations, are facing and highlight any programs that can help them in effective manner.

Thank you,

Dr. Noha Salah

Public Health Specialist

Medical Epidemiologist


Dr. Noha Salah- MBBCh, FETP, MPH

Public Health Officer- First Undersecretary Technical Office

Head of the Risk Communication Unit

The National IHR Focal Point Team

Preventive Medicine Sector

Ministry of Health and Population



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HIFA Profile: Noha Salah (MBBCh, FETP, MPH) is a motivated and experienced public health professional with over 5 years expertise in the fields of public health, preventive medicine, social medicine, epidemiology and health policy. Noha has over 8 years experience as a qualified physician/ paediatrician in the areas of child's health, women's and maternal health in addition to 12 years experience in the domains of human development, humanitarian aids of vulnerable groups and global health as a volunteer medical student.

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