Open Access: Perceptions and misconceptions

11 July, 2019

The HIFA working group on Access to Health Research is delighted to announce our upcoming sponsored HIFA thematic discussion:


The discussion will start on 22 July and will last for 4 weeks. The main discussion will be on HIFA (English) and we shall also hold parallel discussions on CHIFA (child health and rights), HIFA-Portuguese, HIFA-French, HIFA-Spanish and HIFA-Zambia.

We shall explore what OA is (and isn't), different types of OA, the difference beteen OA and free access, the impact of OA on authors and users of research (especially those in low- and middle-income countries, the link (if any) between OA and quality of content (excluding predatory journals - we aim to address this 'cancer' in publishing in a future discussion) - and more!

The key findings from our discussion will be collated and presented at the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors Convention in Xi'an City, China, 3-4 September 2019.

Join HIFA today to take part!

We are grateful to The Lancet and Elsevier for providing sponsorship for this thematic discussion. (Note: HIFA invites all organisations, and especially our 300+ official supporting organisations, to consider sponsorship of a future thematic discussion of your choice - sponsorship of discussions enables HIFA to thrive and brings collective focus to priority global health issues. Contact the HIFA Coordinator for details of sponsorship opportunities.)

HIFA Project on Access to Health Research