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HIFA is free to join! Please enter your name and details below. You will receive a personal welcome message in your email inbox within a few days. The message will include a draft HIFA profile based on the information you provide. The profile will be added to the bottom of any message you may send to HIFA. If at any time you wish to remove your profile, you can do so by sending an email to 

Note: HIFA is an email discussion forum. You will receive 1 compilation email per day. To send a message to the forum, email to   If you want to contact the moderator for any reason, send email to:

HIFA does not require you to have web access - no problems with log-in, no problems with forgotten passwords. :-) 

Benefits of being a HIFA member (see also Testimonials

• Join a growing global health community with 20,000 members in almost every country worldwide (>11,000 on HIFA-English alone)
• Find out about funding and training opportunities, useful websites, new publications, information services...
• Raise awareness about your organisation, activities, and services
• Share your experience and learn from others
• Make new contacts and friends around the world
• Collaborate with others to combine expertise, reduce duplication of effort, and achieve common goals.

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