HIFA relies on the hard work and good will of more than 200 volunteers, including Country Representatives, Forum Steering Groups, Project Working Groups. Their names and profiles are available on the corresponding parts of the website.

In addition, we would like to thank Arjun Thandi of Evucan Web Solutions for his support as webmaster and Nadia Hussain who designed the original HIFA logo.

Thanks also to our current local volunteers Juliette Barrell, Hugh Goyder, Ashley Jones, Megan Macfarlane, Alison Offer, Helene Provstgaard, Nancy Whitfield. And to our former volunteers and helpers, including James Bennett, Ibrahima Bob, Edwin Cabrera, Maria Campbell, Jade Cassidy, Clare Chandler, Pam Clifford, Pranab Chatterjee, Siddhartha Datta, Adrian Dharmachandran, Nigel Earley, Mike Jackson, Vanessa Jessop, Zaynab Lambat, Nick Mifsud, Michael Murphy, Guy Norman, Lucy Parker, Denise Pimenta, Keith Rigley, Karen Shashok, Josh Shotton, Emma Shillam, Nick Stepney, Jeff van Campen, Kate Whittaker, and Ben Wright.

Name Organisation Country
Alison Offer
Independent United Kingdom
Arjun Thandi
Independent United Kingdom
Carlos Gimeno
Independent United Kingdom
Hugh Goyder
Independent United Kingdom
Sam Pakenham-Walsh
Independent United Kingdom
Victor Orih
Human Resource International West Africa Nigeria
Clare Watts
  • Office Manager
HIFA United Kingdom