HIFA has more than 20,000 members interacting on six global forums in four languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish). This includes more than 300 volunteers who serve as main steering group; forum steering groups; moderators and catalysts of the forums; social media group; fundraising group; project working groups; and country representatives. Contact if you would like to contribute! HIFA also has more than 400 supporting organisations who have officially declared their support for the HIFA vision.

HIFA member file exchange

The HIFA forums do not carry attachments. HIFA members may use this page to distribute occasional publications that are not yet available elsewhere on the internet. Documents are held temporarily. Latest member document: Better by the Books Statement, Martin Schweiger and Ann Burgess, 15 November 2021

Why did I join HIFA? Video series

Here is the latest video, from Jackeline Alger, Honduras. See here for a description of the series and other videos in the collection. 



Members have many reasons for joining HIFA, so we're creating an exciting new video series telling you about these reasons.  Some are personal, others are linked to work or careers. 

These videos will help encourage others to join HIFA and increase awareness of HIFA and its activities. They also give members a chance to talk about what matters to them. By being shared among work colleagues and work partners the videos can also be used as tools to encourage membership. 
We'd really like to hear your story: If you're a HIFA member and would like to add your story about joining HIFA to that of others, please contact us. We can provide technical support to help develop your story and the final video. Not yet a HIFA member? Join here (free).
About the videos: Videos are developed by HIFA member and volunteer Ben Nicholls, with assistance from our Social Media Working Group. All videos are published under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0) unless otherwise stated. 

The videos

3. Jackeline Alger, Honduras (English version, November 2018):

2. Jackeline Alger, Honduras (Spanish version, October 2018):

1. Julie Reza, UK/Bangladesh (English, August 2018):