HIFA in Official Relations with WHO



HIFA in Official Relations with WHO

3 July 2024 Press release: Global health advocates call on the World Health Organization to champion universal access to reliable healthcare information 


After 15 years of collaboration with WHO, Global Healthcare Information Network (the UK non-profit that administers HIFA) entered into official relations with WHO in 2022, with an agreed collaboration plan for 2022-4. The plan describes 10 activities to accelerate progress towards universal access to reliable healthcare information: a world where every person has access to the reliable healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of others.

HIFA alone is responsible for the costs of the plan. We are grateful to the organisations below for their support, which has enabled us to complete the first activity: a global stakeholder survey. We are now seeking further support for other activities. Contact: neil@hifa.org 

Universal Access to Reliable Healthcare Information: A Global Stakeholder Survey

HIFA undertook a global survey in 2023, which attracted more than 2400 responses worldwide. 

The consultation sought the views of all stakeholders in the global evidence ecosystem (health workers, patients, researchers, publishers, policymakers, library and information professionals...). It demonstrated wide public support for the goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information, and recommended next steps for WHO, HIFA and partners in 2024 and beyond.

The survey report was delivered to WHO in April 2024 and will be published imminently. HIFA is planning a public online event to present and discuss the findings and will also present the findings at the Global Evidence Summit in Prague (10-13 September 2024). The findings will also be discussed in-depth on the HIFA forums (join here). 

We are grateful to the organisations below for their financial and technical support. 

Together we can achieve universal access to reliable healthcare information

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We are grateful to The BMJ, The Lancet, and the World Medical Association for complimentary publicity for the survey. Our thanks also to Vikram Patel (Harvard University) and Geoff Royston (retired NHS) who have made personal donations (if you can do the same, please visit our fundraising platform).

For more information, contact HIFA Coordinator Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh: neil@hifa.org





In January 2022 WHO approved Global Healthcare Information Network (the UK non-profit that administers HIFA) to be a Non-State Actor in Official Relations. Our collaboration is guided by a 3-year Collaboration Plan (2022-2024), which is summarised as follows:

'This plan for collaboration between WHO and The Global Healthcare Information Network CIC (GHI-net) supports WHO's work towards fulfilling its constitutional mandate to extend to all peoples the benefits of medical, psychological and related knowledge'

The plan has 5 priority areas:

In 2023 we are focusing on priority area #1: How to achieve universal access. To do this, we are undertaking a global consultation of stakeholders, with a survey to be launched on 21 August 2023.

We are now seeking financial and technical support to implement the plan. Supporters will be prominently recognised according to level of sponsorship, from £100. We are delighted to confirm our two first sponsors: the National Institute for Health and Care Research and the Elsevier Foundation.  See our Sponsorship prospectus for details.

Please contact HIFA global coordinator Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh for further information: neil@hifa.org





HIFA global survey: Universal access to reliable healthcare information


  • HIFA.org (Healthcare Information For All) is conducting a global consultation in official relations with the World Health Organization
  • The aim is to inform WHO and partners on next steps to accelerate progress towards universal access in 2024 and beyond
  • The first phase of the consultation was a global survey 
  • This presentation provides the topline quantitative results
  • A full analysis is currently being undertaken with assistance from Digital Medic at Stanford University

From 21 August to 15 October, over 2400 people completed our online survey in official relations with the World Health Organization. The consultation has now moved to the HIFA forums, where we shall continue to explore the questions interactively. The findings of the survey and discussion will be synthesised in a report to WHO by January 2024.


This flagship project runs from August to December 2023 in official relations with the World Health Organization. The centrepiece is a global public survey that launches on 21 August 2023. The prospectus presents options for individuals and organisations to demonstrate your support for universal access to reliable healthcare information: a world where every person and every health worker will have access to the information they need to protect their own health and the health of others. 


Please help us to publicise the survey with this 1-page Communication brief! This contains messages and graphics that you can adapt and send on your social media, email, newsletters, and website. 

Help us publicise the survey with these graphics, which complement our Communication brief. You will find graphics that you can use on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as your newsletter and website. 


Please use this short PowerPoint presentation to encourage your colleagues and contacts to complete our survey! www.hifa.org/survey2023

Each slide has notes that you can adapt and read out for your audience. 

Name Country
Chris Zielinski United Kingdom
Clare Watts United Kingdom
Dan Gerendasy United States
Enock Musungwini Zimbabwe
Ian Roberts Switzerland
Isabelle Wachsmuth-Huguet Switzerland
Jamie Sewan Johnston United States
Joseph Ana Nigeria
Margaret Sullivan United States
Najeeb Al-Shorbaji Jordan
Neil Pakenham-Walsh United Kingdom
Ola El Zein Lebanon
Saran Gill United Kingdom
Taissa Vila Brazil
Tracy Eastman South Africa
Vania Wisdom United Kingdom
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