Apply to become a CHIFA Supporting Organisation

Over 30 health organisations worldwide have declared their support for the CHIFA vision:
A world where every child, every parent and every health worker has access to the health information they need to protect their own health and the health of children for whom they are responsible.

If your organisation supports the CHIFA vision, please join us!

Organisation details
This option raises the visibility of your support and benefits all HIFA forums simultaneously.
Many Supporting Organisations choose to provide a financial contribution. They receive additional benefits including: logo on the HIFA home page, publications and promotional materials; and acknowledgement on all individual HIFA forum messages (>3,000 messages to >10,000 members).

Suggested annual contributions (optional):

  • Non-profit organisations: Annual turnover up to £500k ($650k)) = £50 ($65 USD)
  • Non-profit and commercial: Turnover up to £2m ($2.6m) = £250 ($325); T/o up to £5m ($6.5m) = £500 ($650)
  • Turnover more than £5m = £1000 ($1300)

Payment by PayPal
Payment by cheque or bank transfer. Contact us for details

Before submitting this form, please ensure that it is authorised by your CEO or other representative.