‘I pushed back’: Fauci on how his response to Trump on Covid turned him into ‘public enemy No. 1’ (3) WHO Bulletin (2)

8 January, 2023

Dear friends

I have “enjoyed” reading what Dr Fauci has said in the interview. More important I was following his “radical” and “unacceptable” scientific input during COVID-19. Many people said that he was part of the political system and he would argue with the president’s policies as part of the “’cosmetics”. I tried as much as possible to convince people that this is not the case. Dr Fauci was genuine in his resistance to ideas related to COVID. Now the crux of the matter is related to ministers of health, individuals, institutions and scientists who appose the regime in developing countries sponsored by the USA. These people get removed from the system if they have the courage to argue or object to what politicians say. These politicians are protected, supported and sponsored by the same system that Dr Fauci resisted. Misinformation. Yes, but from where do you get your health information? From local health authorities? From the big countries paying masters? Form science and where is it? Where is the ethics of this?

Great that Neil republished this interview which exposes the ugly system of misinformation.

[ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9795384/ ]

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