About APCs and the lie where publisher hide behind

16 November, 2023

Dear HIFA community,

A recent article in Nature discusses options for accessible APCs and open-access.


It is interesting to read about the publishers arguments for their inflated charges to process and publish articles. They are hiding behind walls of mystery about editorial process to suggest that the publication of an article can cost between 1000 to 3000 USD.

They lie. It is not that expensive.

Editors and reviewers are volunteers. Diagramming an article, check for plagiarism, convert into XML and HTML, a website and a server, are cheap costs when compared with the charge that is made to researchers or institutions per article or subscriptions.

More transparency and information about how journals work is needed to enhance the discussion.

With warm regards,

Francisco Javier Bonilla-Escobar, MD, MSc, PhD(c)


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