HIFA receives financial support from One Village

11 December, 2023

HIFA is delighted to receive a donation of £2000 from One Village.

One Village is a retailer and wholesaler of craft made functional articles for the home. It works directly with community organizations in some of the most economically stretched parts of the world, with the purpose of building up the social wellbeing of communities.

One Village achieves this through encouraging creative cooperatives and by pursuing an alternative approach to marketing, rooted in principles of solidarity towards a more equitable and just world order.

The One Village shop is located in Woodstock, 7 miles from HIFA's office in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, UK. Goods can be ordered online here: https://onevillage.com  By choosing to shop with Onevillage.com this helps them to support work such as HIFA, as well as local communities.

The donation will pay for HIFA's small office space in the Corner House Charlbury for the entire year January to December 2024.