Access to information for researchers in China

3 November, 2022

Interesting new paper, although ironically restricted-access so we can only read the abstract. Comment from me below.

CITATION: Global impact or national accessibility? A paradox in China’s science

Fei Shu, Xiaojian Wang, Sichen Liu, Junping Qiu & Vincent Larivière

Scientometrics (2022) [restricted access]


During the past decades, Chinese science policy has emphasized the international dissemination of research. Such policies were associated with exponential growth of English-language publications and have led China to become the largest contributor to international scientific literature. However, due to the paywalls and language barriers, China’s international publications are less accessible to local Chinese scholars, which suggests that the dissemination to the international scientific community may come at the expense of dissemination to the local Chinese community. This paper investigates the local accessibility of China’s international publications and finds that publishing internationally limits the visibility of Chinese research for the national Chinese scientific community, and the restriction is even worse for immediate access.

COMMENT (NPW): HIFA is underrepresented in China, even though it is clear there are substantial isssues around the availability and use of reliable healthcare information in that country. HIFA would welcome any suggestions on how we can increase our membership in China.

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Global Coordinator HIFA,

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