Access to reliable healthcare information is (or should be) a human right: Do you agree or disagree? (8)

8 June, 2023

As a singular measure of universal and inalienable justice and fairness, health and wellbeing is recognized as “a” human right. Yet within the lens of equity and particularly engaging the intricate aspects of healthcare's “information” and “reliability”, in both HICs and LMICs, the framing of the survey question requires acknowledgement of variations in law and public policy, ethics and moral considerability in one’s positive or negative response to this question.

Perhaps, the survey could add an option for clarification of the contextual variable(s) in the form itself to help respondents globally to justify their response as intertwined with diverse individual, organizational and national human “rights” that run through the heart of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Esha Ray chaudhuri


HIFA profile: Esha Ray Chaudhuri is an Equity Analyst, in Canada. Professional interests: Equity Issues in Health and Health Care with particular focus on interface of Local and Global contexts. She is affiliated to Patients for Patient Safety Canada-Healthcare Excellence Canada, and is a member of the GLL4QUHC at WHO. ed.consult3 AT