AI and Large language models (7) ChatGPT: Is it a reliable and useful source for common rheumatic diseases? (3)

2 June, 2023

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Human factor and emotional intelligence, the dialogue between humans, the description of pian is probably the most important in the medical services processes. If the patient trusts the healthcare professional (regardless if she/he is a nurse, pharmacist, a physician, clinician or a family member) all other issues are resolved. Trusting AI is very very far from reality. The conclusion that Chris cites is a real one. For medical purposes AI maybe used to help in diagnosis (with the help of a human being), in training, in health education, in teleconsultation, but no in treatment. I am sure ChatGPT is developing. Maybe in x number of years it is going to “replace” humans”.

Would be great if the full citation of the article that Chris referred to is put as well. I tired to find at but did not succeed.

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