Alcohol Use Disorders (17) Popular beliefs about alcohol (2)

5 February, 2024

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for sharing. I can definitely identify with some of what you have shared.

“Some alcoholic drinks were reported to improve red cell level-haemoglobin”, “the definition of a man is his ability to tolerate his alcohol (which could be in large quantities) without getting drunk”. “Some Alcoholic drinks in certain cultures were reported to act as an aphrodisiac hence used to improve sexual function”. In other context I have been in “alcohol is a socialization agent and enables people to trust you and feel like they could develop relationships (corporate) and do business with you”.

Wonder what other people think?

Best wishes


HIFA profile: Olubunmi Arogunmati is a SAS Doctor at Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, Cumbria, Northumberland, United Kingdom. Professional; interests: Addictions Psychiatry; CYPS LD Psychiatry; Public Health; Digital Health, Population Health, Inequalities & Global Mental Health, Medical Leadership.