Alcohol Use Disorders (2) Introduction and happy to be part of HIFA Working Group on Alcohol disorders

10 January, 2024

Dear HIFA Community,

I am pleased to extend my warm greetings to each member of the HIFA community and share the exciting news about my involvement in the HIFA Working Group on Alcohol Use Disorders.

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My name is Enock Musungwini, and I am a passionate public health professional and advocate for alcohol policy, mental health, and well-being. I am thrilled to join the HIFA Working Group on Alcohol Use Disorders, a platform that aligns perfectly with my commitment to addressing the challenges posed by alcohol use and its impact on health. This group serves as a crucial space for collaboration, knowledge sharing, debates, discussions, and the development of strategies to enhance our understanding and response to alcohol-related issues within the HIFA community and beyond.

As a member of the working group, I am eager to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and contribute to the collective efforts aimed at promoting awareness, prevention, and intervention in the context of alcohol use disorders. I firmly believe that our combined expertise can lead to innovative solutions and contribute to the advancement of public health in this critical area.

I look forward to connecting with fellow working group members, broad HIFA members and community, learning from your experiences, and collectively making a positive impact on the discourse surrounding alcohol used isorders. Together, let us strive for a healthier and more informed global community.

Enock Musungwini

HIFA profile: Enock Musungwini is a distinguished public health professional, health management consultant, and development practitioner currently serving as a Programme Manager (Consultant) for an NGO called Pangaea Zimbabwe under the Wild4Life Health program responsible for program management, oversight, supervision, coordination, and leadership. He holds an MSc in Public Health with a Research award from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), achieved under the prestigious British Chevening scholarship (2018-19 cohort). His educational background also includes a Master’s in Business Administration, BSc Hons in Psychology, Diploma in Nursing Science, Diploma in Public Relations and Communication, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Management and Leadership. Enock actively serve as a Reference Group Committee member for the Africa Evidence Network, Steering Committee member for the International Network for Government Science Advice Africa Chapter, member of the Consortium for Universities of Global Health and Country Representative for Healthcare Information for All (HIFA).

Enock has received numerous accolades including being appointed Brand Ambassador and receiving the Growth and Innovation award for Pangaea Zimbabwe (June 2023), Country Representative of the Year by HIFA (April 2023), Chevening Volunteers Gold Award by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (June 2019), and the Zimbabwe Achievers Chairman’s Award (Nov 2019). His academic excellence is reflected in awards such as the Amanda Jacklyn Berger Prize for his MSc Research project by LSHTM (Feb 2020) and the Marie Stopes Clinics Champion Award (Jan 2017). Enock's dedication to personal development led to his nomination for Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Zimbabwe under the Personal Improvement Category by Junior Chamber International (Oct 2019). Enock Musungwini has made presentations at national, regional, and international conferences and contributed significantly to public health discourse through his blogs and opinion pieces on various topics.