Alcohol Use Disorders (6) What measures can be taken to prevent alcohol abuse?

19 January, 2024

Greetings to all,

Here's the question a propose for the alcohol discussion.

What measures can be taken to prevent from alcohol abuse in the society?

What can be the role of parents? What can be the role of politics? NGO? Religious representatives?

Marileine KEMME

MD. Addiction and Harm Reduction Consultant

Prevention and Care Center in Addictology - Yaounde Central Hospital.

MEDCAMER - Cameroon Medical Doctors association President

contact - (+237) 675 297 626

HIFA profile: Marileine Kemme is a Doctor, graduated from the National Memorial University of Pirogov in Ukraine in 2012. She is fluent in five languages (Bankôn, French, English, Russian and Ukrainian) and currently practices at the Central Hospital of Yaounde specifically at the Support and Prevention center in Addictology as an Addictologist. She is passionate about issues of mental health in general, addictions and substance use disorders. Marileine.kemme AT